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Social Media Strategy
"Get it Done"

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We can help you to arrange filming, recording, courses, conferences, companies, experiences and activities for companies and individuals. We can provide everything from stress management courses for corporate employees, to helping you set up your first podcast episodes! We are passionate about. learning, connecting, and inspiring you and your customers!  

Together with our partners, we create packages that can suit the vast majority of people, whether it's small or large events.

Work in Style in a new environment

  • Triangle Studio is located

  • 20 minutes' drive from Stavanger Sola Airport in Norway

  • 20 minutes' drive from Forus Næringspark,

  • 8 minutes to cycle from the center of Stavanger.

  • You can drive and park,

  • Or even walk a peaceful path right by the water

  • We have kitchen facilities, all brand new and fully signed fire exits in line with health and safety requirements.

  • Plenty of local accommodation, catering, courses and conference facilities, activities and entertainment.

  • Team building

  • Show and present your ideas

  • Audio Recording 

  • Simple Video recording 

  • Business and marketing strategy days with a fresh perspective

  • By the sea - always helpful to inspire Blue Sky Thinking!

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