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Do you need customers?

A Fresh Approach to Digital Media Online Expert with 12+ Years of Professional Experience.

With actual bookings, proof the techniques work...

I have several active businesses myself here in Stavanger and am always that person who sees the professional potential in others - if only they had the same systems and processes that I use.


"Getting people to listen is the currency of this era"


Unlock Marketing Secrets That Get Clients and Work 

What People Say

I found you via word of mouth. It was easy to book a free 40 minute session with you and I know that there is follow up after the appointment, so I know that you care about your customers! I get practical help from you that I can immediately apply to my business!

You Will Learn How To


Use HIGHLY targeted marketing online so that people can find you


Prepare an authentic sales funnel and build trust in your brand.


Make it easy for your customers to book you! Design your automated payment and booking system, marketing, branding, Quality audio and video resources that drive  sales

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Voice for Business

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