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Need to Communicate in your business and in the Corporate Sector?

Shift from Self doubt & Overwhelm to Confident Clarity 
It is so common to be scared of speaking online.

There is no shame in it, you are not a TV presenter!  

We are specialists in precision. 
We help you: 
Share your TRUTHFUL story. 
Make beautiful presentations.
Make authentic, clear speeches.
Communicate with laser beam precision to your customers,
co workers and your audience in a way that lights them up.

You are an expert in your field, and we absolutely LOVE helping people
transform into ABSOLUTELY OWNING the skill of presenting! 

If secretly, you cringe about giving speeches, 
selling or being visible online,

let us 
help you build your reputation and brand with
Honesty, Integrity and Personality.

We coach entrepreneurs in everything from diction, confidence,
visuals that look like YOU, to
marketing, sales
and increasing your business growth. 

We refresh dry lifeless presentations in the corporate sector to
help you engage your audience and make it memorable.
(*The far reaching benefits of this will last your whole career.)

How to go from being the
average "corporate talking head"
to being memorable for ALL the right

We help plan and film courses. 
Basically, we help you feel more confident, gain visibility and
earn more money through a respected online presence!

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A Fresh, Honest Approach to Digital Media

Online Expert with 32+ Years of Professional Experience.

We have actual bookings, which is proof that

the techniques work for real...

The story: My name is Chip and I LOVE setting up and running my several businesses. It's my thing, and it is how my brain works. 

In my 20's I toured all around France, Monaco, Italy, Switzerland, Germany, Japan, and loads of gigs in London! We always had to consider presentation, and learned very early on indeed that when performing onstage


When you rehearse to do a show, you have to absolutely meticulous in everything from diction to how you stand to how you take your audience on a thought provoking journey.


You have to consider eye contact, the clarity of the emotional message, the story behind what it is you are singing about. The audience has to connect  with you and you need to figure out. FAST how to get them participating in your show, or it will be a flop. 


I did not realise it at the time, but this was absolutely THE best training for later on in life when I set up my own businesses. 


All that work on breathing, keeping calm when the nerves are telling you that you cannot possibly walk out

there, haas stood me in good stead in general in life more times than I can count!


Also, as a multi-linguist (I lived in France, now live in Norway and speak both languages) I appreciate the importance not only of communicating with your words, but also how our general demeanour can put other people either at ease, or put people off!    

Enter my incredible assistant Kate....

I first met Kate because I have several active businesses myself here and was getting "time poor". (Sound familiar?) 


Thank goodness I found her, because she helped me to brand, market and create a consistent online presence with my different products and services.


Kate does the work of 3 people in terms of research, branding, communicating what it is really about and always spotting the benefit to potential customers.

I am always that person who sees the professional potential in others - if only they had the same onstage confidence,  technical knowledge, systems and processes that I use to tell the story of the businesses I have set up.

For years I have done things for free for people, from building websites, taking their picture, recording their videos and voice and helping them get used to the scary part of being "out there" online!

One of my wise friends Leo X  Robertson said "Getting people to listen is the currency of this era" and that is exactly what we set out to do for you. When you unlock what Kate and I have tried (and actually succeeded) at doing, you unlock marketing concepts that get your clients,. and also future proof your business. 

What People Say

I found you via word of mouth. It was easy to book a free 40 minute session with you and I know that there is follow up after the appointment, so I know that you care about your customers! I get practical help from you that I can immediately apply to my business!

You Will Learn How To


Use HIGHLY targeted marketing online so that people can find you


Prepare an authentic sales funnel and build trust in your brand.


Make it easy for your customers to book you! Design your automated payment and booking system, marketing, branding, Quality audio and video resources that drive  sales

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